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about books and movies based on them

April 23, 2010

Do you like any movie better than the book it’s based on? I guess one could hardly find such a motion picture?
Probably the reason is that usually movies are much „shorter” than books, so oftentimes books’ most important ideas and thoughts could not be a part of the movies based on them. However, I remember a few motion pictures (only two actually) that are at least a few levels up their stories written on paper. Yet, both The Little Mermaid and The Little Prince are longer than (or equal to) their text versions… Probably most teenagers, or even a lot of adults too, prefer to watch the movies than to read the books they are based on. I don’t know whether they could change their opinion… But I’m certain that any writer could improve his/her writing, so that any potential reader could enjouy his/her works much more.
Being a writer, I could name a few ways I’ve heard for improvement of the written stories, like avoiding the dull, boring explanations, or the long, unnecessary sentences, etc. Though I’d love to know some other opinions of readers, writers, or movie fans, concerning what should be done so that movies could be more like the stories they are based on, or books could become more interesting for any reader. Actually, readers and movie fans’ opinions are what any writer should bear in mind, right?, http://allanbard.hit.bgр,


saved by books?

April 23, 2010

Have you ever been saved by a book? I’m serious, so it’s not a joke… 😉 Well, I don’t mean that books can cut the rope of your gallows, be your lawyer at the court, or give you or create antidote for the poison you just drank… Yet, it doesn’t mean that many books couldn’t change anyone’s way of thimking, or choices people make, or even make many of us do a lot of incredible deeds (more of them good, less evil or bad I hope…).
For example, a small book of about 150 pages (Flesh by Ph. Farmer) was one of the main reasons for our actions to prevent the destruction of the ozon layer… And I’m sure anyone could name some other examples too of the great power many books have! I’m sure also there are other readers and writers who could share similar stories, like mine:
About ten years ago, there was a period in my life when everything seemed hopeless and meaningless, it seemed my studying of English would be endless (I’m not a native Englishman or American, I’m Bulgarian and realized very soon English was a very difficult language, with so many meanings of a single word, there were so many expressions I had to learn, etc.). After that, it seemed almost impossible to find a publisher for my translated in English book, or even a literary agent who would find a publisher… Then I was so depressed because all these happened so slow, that I wanted to suicide myself…
Fortunately, the reading of some of Terry Pratchett’s excellent books changed my mind and way of thinking once and for all. They made me realize to cope well with any situation in life one has to find the funny side even of the worst events and mishaps. But what was even more incredible was something else. Terry Pratchett’s books’ most amazing quality was that they could make anyone think about serious and important things like wars, good and evil, the real difference between perfection and imperfection, human stupidity and its many forms, the good and bad sides of humans’ faith, etc…
I’m really glad Terry Pratchett’s books appeared in my life at the right moment! Now, when my first book Tale Of The Rock Pieces is finally published I feel I have to thank Mr. Pratchett for his amazing works. I don’t know whether he will read this, but I have to admit he actually helped me to make my dreams come true!

Ivan Stoikov – Allan Bard,

about e-books, paperback and hardcover books

April 23, 2010

I’ve heard a couple of years ago that usually only 10 % of the purchased books are of the kind one could read on a PC or other e-device. I’m not sure whether the situation today has changed, yet many of my friends, realtives and acquaintances prefer to hold a book made of paper. None of them thinks about the awful consequences the creating of paper could cause to the nature… Everey tree is connected to at least twenty species of animals or other plants (it depends on the longitude and latitude, please excuse me if my numbers are not quite correct)… When a tree is cut off, it means death for some of these species, and much stress for the others, that could even lead to extinction…
There are many other awful consecuences caused by the disappearance of the trees. Like draught, erosion, climate change… Usually, the new generation of trees grow up for about ten years, so it takes a lot of time until things are normal again… Finally, that leads to awful consequences for us humans (hunger, diseases, even death…).
I’ve heard that about 98 % of all the animal and plant species that existed on Earth are extinct, since the Earth has been formed or created. I don’t know what is the percentage of the species killed by people’s way of life or strivings for a better future. But I remember when a journalist asked the famous naturalist Gerald Durrel how many animals and plants were threatened or extincted because of people’s activities, Mr Durrel showed him two enormous volumes of The Red Book and replied: „ I don’t know, I’m not brave enough to count them…”
I remember also an excellent thought of the Indians from North America: The Earth is not ours, we just borrowed it from our children… I guess all of us should bear in mind this excellent saying, which Antoan De St. Exupery used too, and do our best to preserve the planet… Reading e-books instead of those made of paper could be one of the ways to do that…,

books as way to lead a healthy life

April 23, 2010

There are a lot of books about diets, exercises for the human bodies and minds, or for other ways and principles to lead a healthy life. There are many good books amongst them that could help a lot of people to be always healthy and feel happy. But none of them is interesting enough to keep any reader in suspense, as a book about adventure, fairy-tales, or other breath-taking stories could do…
I think that any author who writes such books could create them that way that they could be interesting and useful at the same time. A story about swords, battles and glorious deeds could also describe ways and tricks to be always healthy and be disgusted at the bad habits like smoking, drinking of enormous quantities of wine and other strong drinks, etc…
I remember an event from my childhood that is a certain evidence my suppositions are true. When a friend of mine saw “Rocky” (the very first movie about the famous boxer), he forgot smoking (it was very modern and “cool” amongst young and older students, I guess it is the same now too?) and didn’t want to have a look at any bottle or glass of any strong drinks. Then, he woke up at 5,30 – 6 o’clock in the morning, so that he could train and run a couple of kilometers before the first classes at school!.. So, I guess nothing could be more inspiring for kids and other readers and spectators than a good story full of useful tips. And actually, I hope I managed to combine (or will manage in my future books) an interesting, good story and a lot of useful tips in my works.,

the serious thing like laughter

April 23, 2010

There are many important and serious things in the world, but to cope with them anyone needs to laugh from time to time, don’t you think so too?:

A cop stopped a driver who was driving with high speed, but as the driver had no money he offered to ask the cop a question and if the cop couldn’t answer he would go without paying a cent. The cop said “OK”, so the driver said: In which month a woman is most pregnant? The cop thought and thought, but couldn’t remember and answer, so the driver told him in the ninth and left. But the cop said to himself: I’ve lost some money, but I’ll use what I’ve learnt to gain some too… He went to one of his colleagues and asked him the same question, explaining if he couldn’t answer he should pay him. The other one thought and thought but couldn’t answer too, so the first cop said contentedly: It’s in September, stupid!

A boy and a mother walk on the street on the way home and the boy asks her all the time “Buy me a bycicle, buy me a bycicle…” Finally the mother gets angry and says “Shut up and let’s go home!” When they get home the boy says “let’s play we are family, you’ll be my wife I’ll be the man of the house who’s coming back from work and you are resting on the coach.” “OK” sais the mother. After a while the boy comes dressed as his father, gave an angry look at his mother and shouts: “Why are you lying, silly bitch? Get up right now and buy our boy a bycicle!”…

A mother rabbit with her children saw a drunk hunter in the forest and said to her children: “Close your ears right now! Now the hunter won’t hit us with his gun and he’ll began to curse in such an awful way…”

Do you know what’s more awful than an elephant in china shop? A hedgehog in a shop for condoms… An elephant ran away from the zoo, went to a garden and started eating cabbages. A woman who was the owner of the garden saw him and called the zoo right away: “Hello, there’s a giant mouse in my garden, it grabs cabbages with her tail and don’t ask me where it thrusts them after that…”

What is that TRUST? When two canibals make sex using pose 69…

While a falling star was falling a school-boy wasn’t very sure what he had to wish, so in the next day he received a bike with bosoms…

In a class-room an inspector seats by a boy, while the young female teacher drops her piece of chalk, bends that way her ass is seen, then stands up and asks nodding toward the black board: “What do we see hear?” The boy sitting next to the inspector says right away: “One cool ass!” The teacher tells him to leave the classroom immediately, but at the door the boy turns his head and asks the inspector: “Why you tell the answer when you don’t know?…”

In the middle of a rainy night a young couple sleeping in their appartment heard a ringing at the door. The man got up, opened the door and saw a wet man who asked him: “Please, come to push me, my friend!” “Get lost!” said the man of the house and slammed the door. But his wife told him: “Shame on you! Remember a month ago when our car was out of order how a friendly man helped us?… Go and do the same for this poor guy!” The man got out of the appartment, and shouted out: “OK, I’ll push you, where are you?” “I’m right here!” answered the wet guy. “On the kids’ swing…”

The big bad wolf walked in the forest and looked around him fiercely, and a drunk rabbit saw him and began to annoy him: “I’ll beat you black and blue, wolf, I’ll tear you apart! Come closer, or you are a chicken?” The wolf gave a deep sigh: “If only my dentist didn’t forbid me to eat anything for two hours, I would let you know what for…”

A kid saw his parents while they were having sex, and said to himself immediately: “Well, well, well! And these guys don’t let me stick my fingers in my nose???”

2 cowboys saw a reward is given to anyone who brings a scapl of an Indian. Travelling in the prairie they saw an old, alone Indian, killed him and took his scalp. Then made a camp and spent the night there. In the morning one of them got out of their tent and saw their camp was surrounded by 100-200 hundreds Indians, all of them painted in the war colours, watching fiercely, holding many weapons… And the cowboy entered into the tent right away, kicked his friend and shouted: “Get up, John! We are rich…”

What a gypsi can do when one gives him a computer? He starts to search in the Recycle Bin…

A group of tourists in the mountain saw an eagle flew with a white sheep, put her in a herd of sheep and took a black one. Perplexed the tourists asked the sheperd what was going on. “Nothing unusual.” said the sheperd. “We play chess with the eagle and this time he plays with the white figures…”

A man was at a party and as he was drunk he chose a girl and went to his house with her. But when they get there he became suspicious and asked her: “How old are you?” “13” said the girl. “Go home right now!” the man said frightened. “Well, well, how supersticious you are…” replied the girl.

A man had to punish his parrot because the bird was joking and had made a phone call and had ordered a ton of naphtha to be poured in his bathroom. So the man nailed him on the back of a Christ figure with Jesus on the other side. “You’ll stay here for 2 weeks!” declared the man. After some time the parrot turned his head and asked Jesus: “Since when you stay here, dude?” “2000 years…” sighed Jesus. “WOW! What a quantity of naphtha you ordered!…”

Hope these anecdotes could make anyone’s day or evening look better?,,