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some jokes for the end of the weekend and the beginning of the new week (some not good for kids) + an ivitiation for a party :)

January 6, 2013

232_357159974373693_1964868022_nAs tomorrow, 7th January,  is my name-day (a feast that as important as birthdays in some countries like Bulgaria, and even more important than birthdays in Greece), I’d love to invite all my virtual friends to celebrate together. Actually, according to the custom, one shouldn’t be invited to come to such a feast but as few people know about that, I thought it would be appropriate to write my invitation too…:).


A wife complains to her friends: “I married my  husband as he was well-built and silent. Later on, I realized he just couldn’t talk and hide his belly at the same time…”


A soon to be bald guy enters into a drug-store and asks: “Give me something to preserve my hair!”

“Oh, no problem, here’s a nice small box for keeping the fallen hairs safe…”


A young couple is having sex. The wife: “Oh, honey, talk to me dirty things…”

“Sure, sweetheart! The kitchen, the dinning room, the bathroom…”


One of the good ways to walk on the peace path and reach its final goal is to share your feasts with other nations and experience theirs as well… my future The Origin Of Gods/A Writer’s Adventures.,,,,,,,,,