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How soap operas could become more interesting for all the people?

December 7, 2012

61339_439444339448293_750911070_nThere are so many people who cannot live without the endless number of episodes of usually meaningless soap operas. I guess there are as much other TV and movie fans who cannot bare the sight and sound of the “boring and irritating” scenes and lines in these long creations of the seventh art. Though I could associate myself with the second group, I’ll try not to offend anyone by this note/post, as its goal is to show the good sides of some of the so called soap operas.

Actually, my inspiration for these writings of mine appeared after I watched some episodes of a Turkish TV saga: The Magnificent Century. A very well-made story about the long-gone years of the flourishing state of The Ottoman Empire, with a lot of treachery, intrigues and infidelities, as it behooves to a real soap opera. Yet, all these usual features were combined with a lot of history facts, ancient wisdom of Quran, many of the one-time habits, magnificent costumes, etc, which made the TV saga something more than endless episodes full of meaningless jabber, cheating, or infidelities and marriages of convenience. Probably some of the facts and events in this soap opera were exaggerated and had little in common with the real history, nevertheless watching it one could get a pretty good idea about the past of some of the former, famous empires. It seems that’s the reason why I (and many other non-fans of soap operas too) could enjoy this TV saga together with my parents.

I guess many TV fans would say the episodes of The Magnificent Century couldn’t be considered a typical soap opera, the title historical saga would be more appropriate (though I would underline on second thought the difference between the usual, endless episodes for our modern families and the one-time events and treacheries is not so great). Besides, I also think historical facts and events are not the only changes that could be added to the so called “meaningless” sagas. The screen-writers could insert in the scripts some of the modern wisdom, there are a lot of good thoughts and quotes of modern philosophers, scientists, actors and actresses, etc. that could be used:

If you don’t want tax dollars helping the sick and poor, then it’s time to stop saying you want a government based on Christian values. John Fugelsang.

The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The meaning of life is to give your gift away. David Viscott.

Don’t let school ruin your education. A. Einstein.

Life has many ways of testing a person’s will. Either by having nothing happened at all, or by having everything happen all at once. Paolo Coelho.

It is not the wound that teaches but the healing. Marty Rubin. etc.

If they are written and used at the right places, then the soap operas will become a combination of genres, thus much more interesting for much more people?,,,,,,