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Happy 1st March + some advice for flu healing + some jokes :)

March 2, 2013

ImageImageHapy 1st March, everyone! It’s a very special date for every Bulgarian! On that day we give one another small souvenirs, Marchers, made of white and red threads, we Bulgarians pin them on our clothes for good luck and health or tie them on our wrists, then wear them until we see the 1st stork or the first blossom on a tree that gives fruit, then we hang them on that tree or put them under a stone, so that the good luck and health won’t leave us troughout the year ;). This custom is so old, more old than 1300 years, can you believe that! It’s older than the foundation of Bulgaria itself!

As I was sick with flu for a week, I couldn’t refrain from re-posting some good advices for healing some of my facebook friends told me:

Mariya Doncheva Drink herbal tea with Maple Syrup (or brown sugar) and lemon a couple of slices !!! Eat hot chicken soup…with black pepper or red chilly at night and raw garlic or red onion for lunch!!!

Beverly Cialone Don’t know if you drink alcohol, but there’s a lot to be said for a “hot toddy”…a drink of liquor with honey and lemon added in…try it! In the meantime, hope you get to feeling better!

Mariya Doncheva And listen to favorite music … while relaxing !!!

Beverly Cialone And follow the regular advice as well…plenty of rest, liquids (hot liquids help break up congestion–coffee, hot tea, etc), make sure to keep your electrolytes balanced to avoid dehydration if you’ve been having stomach issues…don’t force yourself to eat if you’re not hungry, although bland foods like plain toast, saltine crackers, applesauce, bananas, etc,. help if you’re stomach is upset. So does ginger.

Hope the next jokes will make the weekend better for anyone :):

Two women are talking: “I don’t want a man that’s interested with my beauty, wealth, or state in society… I want one who’s interested with my soul…”

“Then, you are looking for the devil, my dear…?”

A guide in an African country: “In this country, every tenth person is a cannibal…”

“What about the rest nine persons?”

“Well, they are very close to break the world record at running at long distances…”

“Did you start to open your your window while you sleep, as I suggested?” asks a doctor his patient.

“Oh, yes.”

“Then, your asthma disappeared?”

“No, but my wallet, jewelry, credit cards did…”

And the quote from a future book of mine: There are things more important than life and death, beauty and ugliness, money and success, etc… One of them is called moral. my future Lake Mystery.,,,,,,,,


The best way to bring up children.

November 2, 2012

“Eat your vegetables!”, “Be very careful when you get across the streets!”, “Chew well!”, “Do your homework!”, “Come back at home before 10 p. m.!”, “Don’t watch restricted movies!”, “Don’t bring any animals at home!”, etc… Everyone have heard these or similar restrictions and orders from our parents, and of course everyone of us hated such rules as nothing else in the world. Although, when kids grow up they see the good in most of these restrictions, yet there are many others that usually make no sense and could leave a deep scar even in a grown-up youngster’s soul…

I guess there is an unwritten rule that few parents would admit some of their methods for upbringing could cause much more harm than good. Of course, there are so many examples which prove the opposite that probably every grown-up kid could name one or two. I’m sure some of these examples could even break the hearts of the toughest guys, fortunately I’ve just heard and read about them (I’ll never forget an article in a newspaper about a kid in China as far as I remember, whose parents kept him locked in a cage in the basement so that he could cause no trouble and would learn all about discipline, etc). Yet, though not so disturbing, those of some parents’ methods that affect mostly the soul could be really harmful too. This is not just my opinion apparently, a friend of mine will never forget how badly his grandmother treated him from time to time (she had thrown away his entire collection of cigarette boxes, though he didn’t like cigarettes themselves and even now, when he’s a grown up, he doesn’t smoke and never stopped to hate these small men killers). Many of my other friends and acquaintances (including me) will always remember their moms and dads’ bad attitude towards their pets (I still miss my hamster whose fate was almost the same as that of my friend’s cigarette boxes’ collection and I will always feel sorry that I wasn’t allowed to have anything like a cat or dog in the flat). Many grown up kids also think to listen to their parents’ constant mocking remarks about their kids’ hobbies, likes and dislikes could be even worse (I still feel bad remembering my mom and dad’s opinion about my favourite fantasy and sci-fi movies and books, a lot of my friends share the same thoughts about their parents’ attitude too)…

Children are not guilty for their parents’ mistakes, but it’s not an obstacle for them to repeat the same mistakes as grown-ups. I guess this quote from Star Gate should be remembered well by all moms and dads. As well as the thought the wrong attitude towards their kids could even cause enough troubles for their future jobs and carriers (just for example, if my parents were more kindly disposed to my passion for fantasy, sci-fi and all sorts of animals and plants, I would start writing much earlier and would probably find a really good job on time). Many grown up kids could share much worse examples, I guess?

Dear parents, don’t forget kids are one of the best ways for us to evolve in better persons and, for the present, our only way for immortality. Children could be very different from their moms and dads, but in many cases this could be the most wonderful thing (whose parents wouldn’t be proud of their heirs if they become the best in exactly in these areas, activities and jobs the people who raised them didn’t like and tried to forbid?).,,,,,


middle of the week jokes, some not too good for kids though…:)

October 18, 2012

SON: Mom . . . . mmmoomm!!!… Where are the cookies mom?

MOM: Errr….. c:\windows\temporary internet files\…


via Kevin Duthie, a good friend from facebook, the joke not too good for kids though:

A fourth-grade teacher asked the children what their fathers did for a living. All the typical answers came up – fireman, mechanic, businessman, salesman… and so forth. However, little Justin was being uncharacteristically quiet, so when the teacher prodded him about his father, he replied, “My father’s an Exotic Dancer in a gay cabaret and takes off all his clothes to music in front of other men and they put money in his underwear. Sometimes, if the offer is really good, he will go home with some guy and stay with him all night for money.” The teacher, obviously shaken by this statement, hurriedly set the other children to work on some exercises and took little Justin aside. “Is that really true about your father?” ” No ,” the boy said, “He works for the Republican National Committee and is helping to get Romney elected, but it’s too embarrassing to say that in front of the other kids.”


A rabbit was standing at the front of a cave and carved a stick. A fox was passing by and asked what the rabbit was doing

“Well, I’m writing a diploma paper “How rabbits can eat foxes”…. replied the rabbit.

“Oh, is that so? Come with me in the cave then, to show me how that could be done…”

They went in the cave but after 10 minutes the rabbit came out of there alone and again began to carve its stick… A wolf appeared from the wood and asked the rabbit what he was up to. When  the answer was the same, the wolf took the rabbit in the cave to give him a lesson, but after 10 minutes the rabbit came out alone… Then, a curious bear came there and after receiving the “smart” answer about writing of diploma paper about that how rabbits could eat bears, they went in the cave again… After 10 minutes, the rabiit came out followed by a content lion who cleaned his teeth with tooth stick. Then the rabbit whispered: “It’s not so important what you write about, it’s who’s your director of studies that matters…


And a quote, part from a future book of mine: One of the good ways to live a long and healthy life are the every day jokes and laughter. my future The Origin Of Gods. I know I’m not the 1st who uses a quote with such a meaning, but it’s really important not to mention it in my works too…:).,,,,,


The best way to write a book…

October 11, 2012

Once a friend/colleague of mine asked me which was more difficult to do: writing of books or a hard physical work like digging of channels for example. It was a joke question, of course but to his great surprise, my answer was the opposite of what he expected. Actually, I didn’t claim to write a good story should always be harder than any tiring physical work. Yet, I explained that oftentimes it requires much more effort, tension (physical and mental) and work than any other activity. Well, I guess not all the authors would agree with me, for a lot of them to write a good story one needs just a good imagination. Quite the contrary, I would reply, I mentioned about that in some other posts/notes of mine but it’s too important not to mention it again. Writing requires not only good writing skills, sufficient ability to imagine incredible creatures, events, etc, but also a lot of knowledge and experience for many of the written stories to become more real, interesting and breath-taking. I also explained the best ways to write good manuscripts are usually the hardest, as they include a lot of searching for information too, a writer shouldn’t claim his/her writing is good enough if it’s not preceded by a lot of experience or strivings to learn and live through all the tricks, details, even horrors and happy moments in a story. As the most important in writing is the good final result, not finding the most beautiful and comfortable place to write, or using the best device to write down a writer’s thoughts, namely a PC, laptop, or tablet. Usually, good final plots, stories require also some other efforts, not less important than gathering of information, like experiencing the characters’ all feelings, deeds, emotions to describe the heroes or villains’ inner world in the proper way, not just the gripping adventures and events. There’s a basic rule in writing I try to follow after I wrote my first Tale Of The Rock Pieces, to write a really good manuscript a writer must become a part of the story, as the story must become a part of a writer too. Then, a book would become a part of reality and could fulfill its most important purpose, to inspire readers, help them overcome different situations or improve their health, mentality, etc, more than entertain and relieve from our daily cares and mishaps…

I know there probably are as many opinions for this topic as there are writers, but I hope every writer would agree with me at least to some extent?


What is, actually, a vacation about ;)?

September 8, 2012

Despite the above quote, I think a vacation is really useful for anyone, no matter what job we have or whether we like it or we are just obliged to perform all those “boring and stupid” activities every working day… For many people such a question is stupid, as there shouldn’t be any other answer than having a lot of all the fun possible (and they are right, of course, but usually the fun they mean includes only drinking a lot of alcohol, having a lot of sex with different partners, eating enormous quantities of tasty food, getting some sun tan and washing /literally/ themselves in the sea, etc). Yet, I guess such a vacation could lead to a lot of trouble (not only connected with one’s health but with future financial situation or loosing a lot of brain cells at courts and in fierce arguments about whose kid is the new-born, etc).

There are much better ways to spend a vacation, according to my humble opinion, and one of them is to combine as many different kinds of fun as possible. Having sex, eating tasty food and taking care of one’s body at the beach or at a mountain go very well with some sightseeing, reading (or writing 😉 a good book, finding some new friends all over the wolrd, learning some interesting facts about the history, future, present or environment of a resort/place, etc.

It seems few people would like such a vacation, though… When I told my brother that I planned to spend an afternoon in some museums while I was on vacation, he said that I was crazy and would probably be the only one who would “waste” his precious time in the most important period of the year. Many of my friends thought that way too, until I showed them the photos I made. It seems then they realized that the beauty of such kind of fun during a vacation surpasses or at least could be equal even to the best sex encounters possible or the most amazing adventure based on drinking too much of the finest alcohol in the world… BTW, I’ll be really glad if the situation in many other countries is different and much more fans of the more unusual vacations could be found J?

Anyone could see more of my vacation photos at my facebook, flickr albums:,…