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jokes before the weekend ;)

July 26, 2012

The best description of football: it is the thing where 22 persons take care of their health, exercise every day, don’t drink, don’t smoke, etc. Meanwhile, thousands are worried about them, drink, smoke, brake their nerves, etc

A policeman stops a driver for excessive speed: “Let me see your driving license, Mr!” “Well, officer, I don’t have any, as after the divorce my wife took it and I had the car…”

The best recipe to deal with mosquitoes: Smear yourself with wine, then pour sand on yourself – the mosquitoes get drunk by the wine and start throwing stones at one another…;)

To feel joy seeing some poor animals behind the bars of the cages in a zoo doesn’t always mean one is cruel or insane. Sometimes, it’s a sign one pays more attention to animals’ beauty than to anything else… from my future Space Hide & Seek.,,,,,,



Do you like the offer to participate/help in writing of a book?

July 23, 2012

Usually, writers, poets, actors, directors of movies are considered the craziest persons one could come across. Their enormous strangeness could amaze (or disgust 😉 many people. Probably because one of the craziest things they’ve ever heard is the offer to “take a part” in a story, so that any writer, actor, director, etc could make their works better and more real. A lot of them realize that oftentimes this is not an essential condition to write well, but it helps a lot to create good works.

Yet, for most of those who never tried to write a story is usually frustrating to be so to say a part of a book/movie-script with their habits, life experience, appearance or even mishaps. It seems mostly the creators of stories could realize how important it is to connect reality with the imaginary adventures, the good, gripping plot, the better dialogue, etc, and how all of them are connected with finding a part of the characters in real men and women amongst their friends, relatives, etc. Then, many writers I guess get brand new inspiration and their works become much better. Demi Moore, for example, had to talk with a lot of strippers to prepare well for her role in Striptease, Terry Pratchett used some real people’s personalities/frame of mind to create some of his famous characters like aunt Ogg, her Tom-cat Gribo, the Luggage, etc. Yet, the attitude of many of the “chosen” ones could be really awful… My personal experience show that when some narrow-minded guys realize what I plan to do with their experience, appearance, thoughts, etc, they look at me that way as if I jumped over a fence of psychiatry from the inside out.

Of course, I have some good memories too (an ex-colleague of mine was really glad to know that she was my inspiration for an ancient princess/ruler in my next The Opposite Of Magic and really helped me with some of her thoughts and events from her past, some other friends from abroad I met through Internet were really kind to give me some info about their experience and knowledge, as well as the permission to use some of their excellent names in some future works of mine, etc…). I’m not sure which of them were more, those who thought I was crazy or the guys who were kind enough to enjoy my offer to join me in the great adventure of writing a story. But I just want to remind to the frustrated persons that next time when they watch a movie or read a book they like so much that their life or frame of mind could change for better once and for all, they have to remember that may be some guys like them helped the writer, movie-maker with their thoughts, personalities, etc, so that the book, movie could become so brilliant… Hope I’m not the only one who appreciates such method for the true writing of a good story ;)?,,,,,,


jokes for the weekend ;)…

July 15, 2012

A football player tells his friends: “I scored 2 goals yesterday!” ” Great! So, what was the final score?” “1:1…”

An orchestra conductor received an anonymous note from the public:  ” Excuse me, I don’t want to gossip, but I have to let you know that the drummer beats the drums only when you look at him…”

After waiting for half an hour, a judge asks the accused: “Where is your lawyer?” “Well, your honor, when I told him that I didn’t steal the money he just went home…”

And my excerpt from my 1st book Tale Of The Rock Pieces: The things we see with our eyes closed oftentimes help us deal with the things we see with our eyes wide open. The wizard Alvin.,,,,,,,,,,

3rd Space Odyssey: 2061: Odyssey Three

July 11, 2012

Some of my friends told me that I have to post some opinions of mine about the books and read and liked. So, I guess my blogs could be better with such posts!

Usually, only one book of a sequel is considered good enough. And usually, it is the first one, probably because it includes the denouement itself and the next books couldn’t surpass that, no matter how much suspense, scientific and other important facts, etc they describe.

Actually, after reading the 3rd Space Odyssey, I think every one of the sequel have their good qualities and they complement one another. So, they could be classified as an exception from the rule and I could not say which one of them is the best. There are amazing moments and wise predictions of the future in anyone of them (probably some more in the third though). There are some wise speculations about “gods” and the origin of life and intelligence; however they don’t give all the answers which everyone expects. Yet, it doesn’t mean all the religious fanatics mustn’t read and learn some things from them… I guess if they realize the wisdom in these stories, there shouldn’t be so much suffering, murders, madness, etc in the name of any religion.

The amazing adventures in the Third Odyssey don’t include so many details about the so called creators, but a reader could read a lot of interesting facts about space, our solar system, the incredible wonders stars could create, etc. There are some of the author’s wise predictions of the future, which we don’t fulfill even today, though the book was written in 1987, I guess owing to people’s stupidity, greediness and strive for power and lack of wisdom…

The Third Odyssey was not such a great source for inspiration for me as the first and the second (reading them, a lot of good ideas came to my mind), but it was really useful with some scientific facts, which could not only help me for some of my future stories, but I guess could be interesting even for those who don’t like sci-fi ;).

Finally, I must point out that all the three books of the sequel are a wonderful combination of fantasy, sci-fi, philosophy and reality. It was interesting that after finishing the third Odyssey, the author was wondering whether he wrote science fiction or just a story about the scientific achievements of the modern world of his time. As some of his “predictions” became reality when his book was published. Yet, this wouldn’t be an obstacle for any fan of the good science fiction to enjoy this wonderful story!,,,,,,


jokes for the new week’s beginning ;)

July 2, 2012

A boss is quarreling with one of his employees for making too much personal phone calls. “But I was talking about business with our clients!” the employee defended himself. “Well, then I’ll have to ask you to stop calling our clients “honey”, “pussy”, “bunny”, etc…”

A blonde woman said to her blonde friend: “I made a 2nd hole in my ear.” “Oh, now I guess you hear better?”

After the 1st day at school, the father asks his son: “Did you learn something todays at school?” “Yes,” replied the son. “But apparently it’s not enough, they want me to go tomorrow too…”

One of the best reasons why people think heaven is a place on Earth is the beauty of nature… from my future Origin Of Gods.,,,,,,, – pigeons,!/video/video.php?v=1297361605743,!/ivanstoikov.allanbard, http://,