books as way to lead a healthy life

There are a lot of books about diets, exercises for the human bodies and minds, or for other ways and principles to lead a healthy life. There are many good books amongst them that could help a lot of people to be always healthy and feel happy. But none of them is interesting enough to keep any reader in suspense, as a book about adventure, fairy-tales, or other breath-taking stories could do…
I think that any author who writes such books could create them that way that they could be interesting and useful at the same time. A story about swords, battles and glorious deeds could also describe ways and tricks to be always healthy and be disgusted at the bad habits like smoking, drinking of enormous quantities of wine and other strong drinks, etc…
I remember an event from my childhood that is a certain evidence my suppositions are true. When a friend of mine saw “Rocky” (the very first movie about the famous boxer), he forgot smoking (it was very modern and “cool” amongst young and older students, I guess it is the same now too?) and didn’t want to have a look at any bottle or glass of any strong drinks. Then, he woke up at 5,30 – 6 o’clock in the morning, so that he could train and run a couple of kilometers before the first classes at school!.. So, I guess nothing could be more inspiring for kids and other readers and spectators than a good story full of useful tips. And actually, I hope I managed to combine (or will manage in my future books) an interesting, good story and a lot of useful tips in my works.,


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