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Capitalism, or socialism, communism, etc?

March 29, 2012

Probably these words provoked some of the fiercest battles in our history, more than anything else. There are many thick books written on the subject, so I guess I couldn’t add something new about the philosophy, good and bad sides of any of these real or imaginary societies. Yet, as a man who lived at both systems, I could remind and point out some important facts, to which usually many people don’t pay attention (probably just because they are too blinded by their own believes).
First, no one should think there wouldn’t be exploitation in the so called socialism. Working for all the society could be even more unfair and dreadful than working for one chief. As no matter how hard and well you work, finally you won’t get the salary or money you worked for, but those the system will give you. Of course, this has some advantages – many of the money you worked for will be used for health care, life-saving operations, education, etc. So, when you need to go to a hospital, to heal a sickness (that can cost thousands/millions of dollars), or want to study many years to become a good professional in prestigious professions like a doctor, lawyer, successful scientist, etc, you don’t have to pay anything. Yet, later, working at some of these prestigious posts, again you won’t get all of the payment you worked for… It turned out that nothing was free even in the “perfect” socialistic societies.
There is something else very important we should never forget about the communism/socialism. When all the means of production, factories, schools, institutions, etc become common, that means the end of any development. Actually, then nothing belongs to anyone and no one take care of anything. That finally leads to degradation and the end of the system, which we saw in all of the so called socialistic societies. Here, in Bulgaria there was a period (short one, indeed, right after the collapse of the “socialistic” system) when we had to wake up at 3,30 – 4 a.m. just to stand in a long line to buy milk and bread… Otherwise, we had to starve as later we would find only the vacant/empty shelves in the shops. Sounds awful, right? That’s just one of the bad sides of the “real” socialism, probably in such a society it’s impossible to achieve a good balance between production and needs when the system’s rules have to be obeyed 100% (to buy a car, we had to wait for our turn about 10-15 years; there were so small number of kinds of goods in the shops that when we saw a picture of the full shelves in the capitalistic countries we felt as if we were seeing heaven (just for example, we could buy bananas once or twice a year, standing in long lines again…); to buy a colorful TV set, we had to wait in long lines for weeks, even at night as someone could take our place, and all families took turn to wait outside of the shops even in winter time… There are even worse examples in some other “socialistic” countries, in North Korea as far as I remember people were forbidden to own their own cars…
Pointing out all these horrible things about the ex-socialistic societies, I don’t want to claim that everything in capitalism is perfect and had to be praised all day long. One of the most dreadful events in anyone’s life could be loosing a job, which couldn’t happen in socialistic systems as there’s no unemployment. For many people. loosing their job could be equal to suicide, and many put an end to their life if they couldn’t find a good way to earn their living. It happened even here in Bulgaria, during the first years of the capitalistic/ex-socialistic system. Yet, according to some good friends of mine the worst thing about capitalism is Imperialism. The way some developed countries want to rule the world, leading wars in some problematic places, provoked much anger and finally lead to many killings of innocent people. Then, some other friends of mine would point out when the matter at hand is killing of innocent citizens, the ex-communistic/socialistic societies are unsurpassable. The Russian ex-dictator Stalin for example killed more people in the “peaceful” times of “socialism” in the ex USSR than World War II managed to wipe off the face of the Earth. They would also say that there are stupid decisions in both systems (remember what happened in the atomic power station in Chernobyl, or the first testing of the dangerous chemical DDT in USA when people were sprayed with it…), but nothing could be compared with the funny-foolish slogans we could see in the times of the so called communism/socialism: Now, we laugh out loud when we remember them, but in the past they were everywhere and if someone didn’t obey them, or thought they were funny, he/she could end up in jail: In every home – a cow!, Every jar with conserved fruits equals to a punch in the face of the Imperialism, etc.
Well, finally I’d like to point out that the causes of many problems in any of the people’s societies are governments and other institutions’ greediness and selfishness. Neither in capitalism, nor in socialism/communism is underlined that people should be killed or punished because of their believes or thoughts, it’s what the men in power decided to do to keep the people in fear and to become richer and more powerful… If we want better societies, first we must change our consciousness, values, kindness towards others, etc. “All the problems in the world lead to one – narrow-minded people,” and “When books become more valuable than gold, money and power for the greedy governments and men in power, then we’ll experience heaven on Earth,” that’s what some of my characters say and I guess all our history is certain prove of that…,,,,,,!/ivanstoikov.allanbard, http://,


weekend jokes ;)

March 24, 2012

“Doctor, will I be able to play a violin after the operation?”
“Sure, I don’t see why not.”
“Excellent! I couldn’t until now…”

A son-in-law goes out of his mother-in-law’s room, carrying a kitten.
“How could you pee in mother’s bed?” shouts the man. Then, he says silently in the kitten’s ear: “Bravo! Let me shake your paw…”

If we use all the opportunities life, Gods, fate, etc offer us, then even the laws of nature wouldn’t be an obstacle…;). my future Kids’ Funny Business.
Hope everyone are enjoying the weekend?,,,,,,!/ivanstoikov.allanbard,

weekend jokes ;)

March 17, 2012

A client in a restaurant: “What is this strange smell?”
“It’s fresh air, Sir, we just opened the windows and ventilate…”

Once upon a time there was a cook who was too clumsy, he dropped on the floor everything he chopped: salami, cheese, tomatoes, etc. One day he smeared a thin slice of bread with butter and dropped it with the smeared side on the floor… So, that’s how the PIZZA was invented…;)

“One of the greatest delusions of the mankind is that people are superior to animals.” Curved-bills’ saying, my next The Opposite Of Magic.

Have a nice weekend, everyone! Happy St Patrick’s Day to all who celebrate! Top of the morning to ya ;)!,,,,,,,, http://,

The meaning of life…

March 17, 2012

This is probably one of the most controversial themes, as there are so many opinions, answers, etc as there are people on Earth. Of course, I don’t claim I’m the ultimate expert, yet there are so many different cocky and complacent statements about this important issue, that I couldn’t refrain from writing down this note/post.
Many people would say the most important in life are health and money and the many ways to earn (or steal) them. These guys usually explain that with the enough quantity of them, one could achieve anything else. Many others proclaim that marriage and raising kids have to be the ultimate meaning in anyone’s life and without them life would be worthless. “Quite the contrary!” will be the answer of some men and women who would point out marriage and children are just a necessary form of slavery. Then, they would underline that fun and pleasure (of any kind but mostly the pleasure of drinking alcohol and having sex) would be the activities all the people should strive for if they want to have a real life… There are some other guys who would be horrified hearing such statements (I guess I could be put in this category, at least to some extent). Their opinion is that no one should feel alive if there isn’t at least some creativity in our life, like discovering a scientific fact, useful mechanism, new way to produce vital products, etc; creating a masterpiece, no matter whether it will be a painting, book, or a movie; finding a universal truth which could help a lot of people to live a better life, etc.
There is some truth in any of these opinions, I couldn’t deny obvious facts . I guess no one should force his or her way of thinking or way of life to others (except in some special occasions like religious fanatics’ intentions to kill innocent people, or suicidal attempts because of wrong thinking, a great loss, “meaningless” existence, etc). We have to respect our differences, because if we were all equal there wouldn’t be (and will not be in the future too) any evolution, so we wouldn’t exist? This is what all the fanatics (religious or of any other kind) have to remember when trying to change anyone’s actions or thoughts according to their beliefs or convictions.
One of the good ways, I think, to deal with such narrow-minded people or with our conditions of depression, etc is (and will always be) remembering or discovering some good quotes. They could help anyone realize how stupid and slow-witted we are from time to time, how simple and wonderful our life could turn out to be, how helpful some wisdom at the right moment and place is, etc:
Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. G. Bernard Shaw.
Life in itself has no meaning, life is an opportunity to create a meaning. (not sure about the author, but when I remember or find him/her, I’ll change the post).
To be dead doesn’t mean to lie breathless 6 feet under the ground… It’s rather to go to the same boring work everyday from 8,30 a.m. till 5 p.m., do the same stupid things over and over again, fulfill the expectations of all the other boring/dull people, or feel that any change will bring destructions and chaos… my future Space Ghosts or Space Hide and Seek.

These are just a few of the quotes which could be useful, I guess anyone could share a lot more?,,,,,,

weekend jokes and quote ;)

March 11, 2012

Usually, the jokes/anecdotes I post are not mine, I found them in news-papers, magazines or Internet, so I’m not sure about the author… If you know him/her/them, let me know:

“Waiter! I want the same drink as the one of this gentleman over there…”
“No problem! I’ll lie to him that someone wants to speak with him on the phone and you go to his table and do your stuff…” 😉

An angry mother says to her son: “How could you give your grandma a ball for football for her birthday?”
“Why then she gives me books for mine?” replied the kid…

And a thought/quote from some of my books:
“Money are among the last things that make people rich.” my Mountaineers’ saying.,,,,,,!/ivanstoikov.allanbard, http://,

A joke/quote for the middle of the week…:)

March 7, 2012

A young teacher at kindergarten told the parents of the kids: I don’t know what you do in the weekends, but every Monday the kids say toasts holding their cups with tea… 😉 A good joke for the middle of  the week?

Only an idiot, a fool or insane person would claim he/she’s perfect… from my future Incredible Future. I couldn’t refrain from posting this quote of mine after I received about 50 irrelevant and foolish comments at this joke at my facebook page… I blocked the guy right away as he actually wanted to  make me out a jew hater… Don’t know why, though I tried to ask him but he didn’t explain…,,,,,,!/ivanstoikov.allanbard, http://

Godlike/heavenly moments, or when we feel touched by God…

March 4, 2012


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Well, I use “godlike” like a figure of speech here, “heavenly” would do the job too as a good definition. Though most of the times they have nothing to do with heaven or God, I guess. (I don’t believe in God/s, actually, yet it doesn’t mean he/she/they don’t exist, or he/they are not connected with such moments).

When discussing such moments, there are two quotes that immediately spring up in my mind: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take; but by the
moments that take our breath”… and: “To be dead doesn’t mean to lie breathless 6 feet under the ground… It’s rather to go to the same boring work everyday from 8,30 a.m. till 5 p.m., do the same stupid things over and over again, fulfill the expectations of all the other boring/dull people, or feel that any change will bring destructions and chaos… my future Space Ghosts or Space Hide and Seek ;).

Such godlike moments are certain prove of the truth in such statements. I’m sure everyone will agree (no matter whether we believe in God/s or not), we all had such moments and they are the ones that add meaning to our life, help us improve our attitude towards anything and anyone, they could make us better persons, change our way of living, etc. Such godlike moments could be too various, of course: from capturing an amazing moment in a photo, to winning a lot of money by a lottery, even dreaming of performing an incredible deed, or finding the true love, etc. Actually, these moments don’t have to be connected with money to be godlike. According to my opinion, and experience ;), the best among them are of the kind that don’t involve any of the so valuable papers. Like some of those I had in the past, making some good photos: the love dance of two frogs, the shining eyes of a cat in the middle of the night, some amazing winter, snowy sceneries high in the mountains with a lot of snow, fog, some light and bushes, or some funny moments with some other animals (sleeping cats, playing kittens, eating dogs), etc.

I attached these photos, yet they are no match for some other events, like when I found a small fossil of a shell of an ancient clam… And felt so exited, that later this find helped me write my first book Tale Of The Rock Pieces and create my incredible ancient characters – the rock pieces. Or when, as a kid, I saw a wonderful girl with so amazing light-auburn hair that I decided she was probably an heiress of mermaids and her hair couldn’t get wet, no matter how long she stayed in water… This meeting was the reason to imagine some new features of mermaids and add them in some of my stories too… and fell in love with that girl, though it was just a short meeting from a distance and I never saw her again.

BTW, the heavenly moments that include more imagination than reality sometimes could be better than the so called real. One of the most vivid memories from my childhood will always be a dream in which I defeated a Fiery man (an ancient monster made entirely of flames) just using a sword. Many would say it was nothing more than a childish nonsense. Yet, my dream turned out to be a good way to find the inner strength in me to deal with real problems… Like maintaining a good spirit and willing to reach to the end in my favor, defending my rights, trying to stop dishonest treatment, or a lie, unfair decision, etc… This dream really helped me, if not 100 % of the events at least enough…

Finally, I don’t claim that I have/had the most full of wisdom or interesting life. I guess there are many people who could surpass any part of my experience. But I guess even those of them whose deeds, glory and fame provoke storms of applause everywhere would agree with me about the great importance of heavenly moments?,,,,,,,, http://

a couple of jokes for the weekend ;)…

March 3, 2012

The snake regretted a lot that she told Eve about the apple… As after Eve ate the apple, she saw the snake not only as animal, but also as a belt, a bag and a purse…

A little girl told her father: “I love you, dad, and when I grow up, I’ll marry you…” then, she angrily addressed herself to her mother: “And YOU, you’ll be our daughter…”

Have a great weekend, everyone! And Happy 3rd March to all Bulgarians everywhere in the world! The National Holiday of Bulgaria, actually, the day when we were saved (about 230 years ago) from the 500 years of Turkish occupation.
Some friends of mine told me I shouldn’t post just jokes and anecdotes, there should be some wise thoughts too in my blog, combining genres is something every author should do, so I start from today:

There are things that hurt much more than any physical injury – they are called words… as some of my characters say from my next Kids’ Funny Business.,,,,,,!/video/video.php?v=1297301684245,,