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The best birthday wishes, parties, presents, guests, etc you’ve experienced, seen or heard…

November 3, 2011

No matter what we are told or have heard, our birthdays are among the best feasts. Even those who hate all the preparations or wonderings who to invite or not would admit the sweet fever, while waiting to see what presents they will have or the gratitude of the guests because of the nice party, could be amongst the best memories one could have.

In every country, I guess, there are different ways to celebrate the birthdays, but what they all have in common is the fun of the unusual events, presents, guests, wishes, meals, places where to celebrate, costumes to wear, etc. I remember many funny birthday presents, wishes, customs, etc I’ve heard, seen or read about over the years. Like the one in Alice In Wonderland, where all the creatures celebrated their non-birthdays too (all the rest of the days in the year, except the birthday). Or the one in another book, where the character claimed he didn’t have a birthday, as he had been born in the night. Or the peculiar but too dangerous custom from a future book of mine to find a dragon to light the candles of the birthday cake (that’s the most certain way to make your birthday wishes come true), etc.

The good presents I received over the years were a lot as far as I remember, but I will always remember two of them: a brand new, very expensive camera for an ex-communist country, and an expensive watch from the famous BVLGARI brand. Though the greatest presents are of the kind that cannot be bought with money, these were given wholeheartedly, so they were not so different from the other priceless presents…;). What about your experience? I guess anyone could add a thing or two…,,,,,,,!/ivanstoikov.allanbard