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middle of the week’s jokes…;)

June 27, 2012

Conversation between two businessmen:

“My employees haven’t been asking for raise of the salaries for two years… I wonder how they cheat me?…”


Graveyard is the only place where a little girl in a white dress and a doll could scare anyone more than a drunkard with a bat…


How can we start small business? It’s quite easy, buy a big one and just wait…


As today some of my good friends (all over the world 😉 have birthdays, I couldn’t refrain from posting an excerpt from a future book of mine: There’s a rumour (according to one of my books) the birthday cake’s candles should be lighted by a dragon, so that one’s good wishes could become true… But I hope my greeting card will save anyone the trouble to look for such a dangerous creature…;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all who celebrate! Wish you all the best!

LET THE WONDERFUL NOISE OF THE SEA ALWAYS SOUNDS IN YOUR EARS! (a greeting of the water dragons’ hunters – my Tale Of The Rock Pieces).,,,,,,,,,


The best way to read a book.

June 21, 2012

“If you read 100 pages a day, you are not reading at all”

“Using a pencil while reading a book to underline the important passages, is essential for the good assimilation/understanding of the story.”

“The discussion with other fans after reading a book is as important as the skill to read.”

These and some other interesting thoughts I’ve heard over the years spring up in my mind, when the matter at hand is the better ways to read. I guess there are so many of them as there are readers in the world. Some of these suggestions are preferred by many much more than others, though according to my opinion there’s something good and worthy of trying in any of the various ways to read. For example, nothing else could compare with the thoughts and discussions that could appear after reading a book in a company of like-minded (or not so like-minded) people or friends. Or when we are listening to music that’s not loud but is suitable for the book we are reading, or when we read in good surroundings like in the middle of a forest glade surrounded by beautiful flowers, nice animals, quiet whisper of a small stream, etc. I guess many readers would agree that reading at the beach of a calm sea/ocean could be even better?

Probably not all the readers would consider modern technologies as an essential part of the better ways to read (many people cannot handle laptops, e-readers very well, or their eyes tire too much after staring at the LCD screens for a long time), but the reading devices of today could really bring “fresh air” in the wonderful experience called reading. E-readers and laptops are the easiest solution for the problem to carry many books (or even a whole library) anywhere we’d like. And the weight of these amazing devices is from 200-300 g to a couple of kilograms! Using them, we could read a few books at the same time with very little efforts (I mean we could re-read some important parts of other books, while reading a similar story, or start reading another different book, if we are not in a mood to finish the one we are reading at the particular moment, etc). Besides, it’s not a problem at all to make some suitable playlists with the appropriate music for the book we are reading, with some of these devices we could use Internet to search for some important and interesting info that’s connected with the story we read and at no time at that, making our reading even more amazing and “educational”, etc.

As in some other posts/notes of mine, I must underline that I’m not the ultimate expert (in anything ;), so I guess many others could share much better reading experience and ways to read?,,,,,,


some jokes for the weekend…:)

June 15, 2012

A kangaroo went to a bar and ordered a glass of gin with tonic. The bartender was really surprised and wanted to talk with the animal: “We don’t see many kangaroos around…”

“How can you expect to see even one?” replies the kangaroo. “A glass of gin with tonic cost 20 $ here!!!”

Entering in a bar, a sheriff orders a glass of whiskey with Swedish cheese. Looking at the cheese, he frowns and says to the bartender: “John, if there will be another firing in your bar, I’ll close it…”

A father says to his son: “And remember, my boy, all the mushrooms are dangerous!”

“What about field mushrooms, dad?”

“Out of question! Picking them I met your mother…”

And a crazy thought from a future book of mine: The best way to know whether you still have the child in you is the feeling of disgust when taste strong drinks as an adult… my Space Hide & Seek.,,,,,,



Thursday jokes, not all too good for kids ;)…

June 7, 2012

A wife could do three things from nothing: a dress, a salad and an argument in the family… John Barymore.


A buyer is asking the seller: “Are there some additional safety devices in the car?”

“Yes, there two condoms in the emergency box…”


Commision: it is twelve people who do the work of one. J. Kenedy


“Do you know how cunning my mice are?”


“They make fun of the cat every day – when there’s an opportunity, they smear the cheese in the mouse trap with vallium…”


If your greatest anger is followed by your greatest regret and remorse, then it’s a good sign you could achive a good inner balance… from my future Space Ghosts.,,,,,,,