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Good, sad, or real ends of stories.

June 21, 2011

Vitosha Mountain

It’s a well-known fact that all the Hollywood movies have a happy end that makes them the most preferable all over the world. On the other hand, most of the movies Bollywood, India produces are so sad that usually at the end all the people in the movie hall are crying. Yet, these sad ends are not an obstacle at all for Bollywood to make more movies than the other countries in the world. And they are well-known and appreciated all over the world too. I guess many people would say such sad movies should be forbidden as they could provoke suicidal thoughts or at least make people so gloomy that they couldn’t do their obligations, tasks well enough, or ruin their education, better qualifications, or even destroy the ability to make the right choices in life…

Yet, I’m certain there would be many people who would be really frustrated if all the movies and books had happy ends. When something is repeated over and over again, finally it becomes so dull that it cannot do its real purpose… In the case with movies and books, entertain, show wisdom, make us become more responsible or change our attitude and frame of mind, etc. Many books and movies, even of the fantasy and sci-fi genres, should have to reveal such plots, events, adventures and ends that are as close to reality as possible. Then, I guess everyone would agree, they would be really useful for solving the problems in our every day life. Of course, it doesn’t mean all the books and movies have to follow only that pattern. There should be variety in plots, beginnings, events and ends of the stories. As to look more “real”, some of them have to have happy ends, as The Light Fantastic of Terry Pratchett, or his Carpe Jigulum, or J. R. Tolkien’s The Lord Of the Rings, Others, like A. Exupery’s Little Prince, M. Crithon’s Jurassic Park, some of Star Wars’ episodes, etc, probably wouldn’t be so good if they had a happy end. The list goes on I guess, that’s why I used all the variations in some of my books (Tale Of The Rock Pieces – happy end after a lot of horrible adventures, The Opposite Of Magic – happy end to some extent but actually a lot sadder, sad or actually real story and end in my The Lord Of Christ, and happiest end for my Kids’ Funny Business, etc). I guess every writer, reader, movie fan could continue the list with good, sad and real ends of books and movies?,,,,

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