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Why should we respect bearded people…

February 6, 2011

illustration from my Tale Of The Rock Pieces

I’m certain that about 90 % of people will consider this post crazy and stupid ;)… Yet, I guess they all could read it to see my point J? As far as I know statistics show that only about 10 % (or a bit more) of people appreciate beards and moustaches. My personal expereince show that if all the people who told me I had to be clean-shaven join hands, then they would probably make a ring around the equator of Jupiter ;). I will not claim that all the men should be like many great and famous people who have/had beards and moustaches. I wouild just point out what many people before our time thought about beards – it was „a certain evidence” of  greatness, power, nobility and ancient way of thinking/life? I don’t want to claim too that everything in antiquity was perfect but imagine what a wonderful world we would live in if we followed some ancient thoughts and rules… All the couples would live together forever, there wouldn’t be divorces and sad kids, people would pay more attention to wisdom than to idle talk… Of course, I don’t mean wearing beards and moustaches could prevent that, I just think we should respect bearded men as a sign of nobelty, inner strength or even creativity and great imagination too.

Probably all the readers who still think this is stupid should remember all those amazing things bearded men created in the past or are creating now. Jesus Christ’s sacrifice is praised all over the world, the works of Lev Tolstoy, Ernest Hemingway, Paolo Coehlo, Terry Pratchett, the movies of Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Fransis Copola, the songs of Willie Nelson, Luciano Pavarotti, etc will always be remembered. After that, I hope even those who cannot stand the sight of beards and moustaches, together with many of my friends, will agree that I’m right to create in some of my books my Mountaineers (the most noble human race that has ever existed on Earth) like some of the great bearded men we know. I guess all the people who read my blog, or had a look at my sites, stories would agree I was right to choose such an appearance for people who could dive in the cold waters of mountain lakes in the middle of a severe winter, or create anything from scratch, dust, mud, etc. using their magical skills, who could rejuvenate any old man or woman, or made the most noble sacrifice in the name of humanity, good causes, etc…

I hope also that anyone could understand why I say/write to anyone with a beard and moustaches I meet even via web that they must be very proud of their appearance and never shave… As beards and moustaches are the appearance of many great people and my ancient Mountaineers, the only human race that could train and become wizards in antiquity…,,,,,,