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The Rocks Of Belogradchik – one of the wonders of the world.

May 28, 2013

There are amazing sights all over the world, so a small country like Bulgaria is no exception. The many photos of the rocks of Belogradtchik (in the north-west part of my country) are certain prove of that “rule”. I guess they are wondrous enough to be in the list with the greatest sights on Earth.

Unfortunately, they were not chosen to be amongst the new eighth wonders of the world, though it seems they were good enough to be under the protection of UNESCO after the voting for the new list of wonders was over. I hope all the people who could see and feel the beauty and magnificence in all the forms of nature would be glad these rocks will be kept safe for the future generations too. For more info about them have a look at:

Actually, the weather was really bad for the spring time of the year the last time when I visited the amazing rocks with a good friend of mine. The entire place was covered with a thin layer of snow and there was fog (too thick at some spots) everywhere. Yet, that way some of my photos have the amazingly mysterious look of the ancient fairy-tales or myths and real historical events… That’s why I couldn’t refrain from posting them, as one could rarely see the magnificence and mysteriousness of the rocks while they were covered with fog and snow… More of them will appear soon at my flickr, facebook, pinterest profiles too.,,,,,,,,,



The Hobbit, A Movie About There And Back Again… And Happy New Year!

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year, everyone! Wish you all the best! 🙂

The Hobbit

No matter how good or bad a movie is, there will always be some guys who will praise it everywhere and in front of everyone, while some others wouldn’t be able to bear the sight of any frame from it and would anathemize it all over the world. That was why I wasn’t surprised there were negative reviews about The Hobbit, but was frustrated they were so many and so exaggerated.

Of course, the book is better, usually no movie could surpass the written story it’s based on. Yet, why there are complains about the duration of the motion picture? After all, that way a director, screen-writer and a crew could include much more events, wisdom, or adventures from the story? Many critics thought all the movie could be just two hours long (and not three parts of almost three hours each), but I guess then it would describe only a few of all the breath-taking dialogues, battles and creatures. Even now, it seems not all the adventures are included in the proper way (all the funny and interesting conversations and mishaps at the party with the dwarves and Gandalf or at Bilbo’s first meeting with the wizard were just touched upon, imagine what would they and some other adventures would look like if the movie was just one of about two hours…).

BTW, be careful which kids you would take to see this fantasy trilogy, all the nasty, scary and deadly creatures are so realistic (especially when we watch them in 3D and with 46 frames per sec.) that many of them would have nightmares after that for many nights, I guess…  Yet, all the kids and all the adults will be in awe with the costumes! As they are so perfect, as if they came out straight from the written story or are fruit of the wildest imagination… I guess all the three parts of the trilogy will have Oscars in that category…,,,,,,,,,

weekend jokes ;)… some not very good for kids…

December 9, 2012

1285_110523419114226_2035605970_nDo you know the obvious difference between a hooker and a deputy? A hooker is paid to fulfill others’ desires, a deputy is paid to fulfill his/her own whims…

A new employee in a bank was in shock as a man with a mask with 2 holes for his eyes enters… She began to desperately search for the panic button, but a colleague of hers calmed her down: “Relax, it’s the boss…”

“But why he’s dressed like that???”

“Well, he says it’s just an old habit of his…”

Success is the only unforgivable sin, according to our relatives and kin… Ambrose Bierce.

If the 1st reason for a war are the greediness, strive for new territories and natural resources, etc, then the 2nd is the unnecessary revenge. from my future The Origin Of Gods.,,,,,,,,

middle of the week’s jokes…;)

November 28, 2012

In a chat room: “Probably you are very beautiful?”

“Oh, thank you! Why do you think so ;)?”

“Well, it’s the only way for nature to compensate such a stupidity…”


Why blonde women throw crumbs in the lavatory pan? To feed the toilet duck…


A drug addict enters in a church and starts to blow the candles. “What are you doing?!” asks a priest.

“What do you mean what? I have a birthday today…”


Future could bring not only new, better improvements, useful gadgets, or perfect medicines, etc. There would also be a lot of crazy and insane decisions and choices… like the one to sue yourself from the past for being lazy, bully, or not shrewd enough… my The Origin Of Gods, probably :).



Some jokes before the new Halloween week, some not good for kids…:)

October 28, 2012

I hope that I don’t disturb some people with some of the jokes/anecdotes I post… I know not all of them are appropriate for kids, yet when there’s such an occasion, I usually warn about that at title… Have a nice Halloween, everyone!


Sex is an invention of a very smart venereal disease… David Cronenberg.


In the court: “Why you want to divorce with your wife?”

“Every night she goes out and visit a lot of bars…”

“Why is that???”

“She’s looking for me…”


A teacher in the kindergarten poured some brandy in their tea so that they could fall asleep quickly in the afternoon… After the police arrested the teacher, the kids took out their savings to pay her bail…


“I wonder why some people are so stupid… Why should they worship actors and actresses, when writers and authors are the ones who must accept all the glory, honors, love, gifts, etc of fans? Actors and actresses just repeat their words and thoughts like parrots, most of the time they don’t even like what they do…  from my future Space Hide & Seek.,,,,,,,


October 12, 2012

An old couple liked to play hide and seek. In the morning, the old lady hid the bottle with whiskey, and if the old man could find it, then at the evening the old woman had to hide…


Do you want to do good for the society? To make many young women run after you? Or to make dozens of people wait for your appearance even in the sever weather? Join our team! The public transport looks for drivers…


“Hello, land team? It’s flight 365, we want to land immediately…”

“But why? You flew off 5 minutes ago…”

“Our stew forgot to switch off her iron at home…”


As strange as it may sound, the best gift/b-day present for a teenager would be a participation in a movie, where he/she could play the part of the bad character… Then and only then, he/she could say aloud all the bad and foul curses without any bad consequences… 😉 my future The Origin Of Gods.

Hope these jokes could be a good beginning of the weekend :)! Take care, everyone!,,,,,,,,,,

The best way to write a book…

October 11, 2012

Once a friend/colleague of mine asked me which was more difficult to do: writing of books or a hard physical work like digging of channels for example. It was a joke question, of course but to his great surprise, my answer was the opposite of what he expected. Actually, I didn’t claim to write a good story should always be harder than any tiring physical work. Yet, I explained that oftentimes it requires much more effort, tension (physical and mental) and work than any other activity. Well, I guess not all the authors would agree with me, for a lot of them to write a good story one needs just a good imagination. Quite the contrary, I would reply, I mentioned about that in some other posts/notes of mine but it’s too important not to mention it again. Writing requires not only good writing skills, sufficient ability to imagine incredible creatures, events, etc, but also a lot of knowledge and experience for many of the written stories to become more real, interesting and breath-taking. I also explained the best ways to write good manuscripts are usually the hardest, as they include a lot of searching for information too, a writer shouldn’t claim his/her writing is good enough if it’s not preceded by a lot of experience or strivings to learn and live through all the tricks, details, even horrors and happy moments in a story. As the most important in writing is the good final result, not finding the most beautiful and comfortable place to write, or using the best device to write down a writer’s thoughts, namely a PC, laptop, or tablet. Usually, good final plots, stories require also some other efforts, not less important than gathering of information, like experiencing the characters’ all feelings, deeds, emotions to describe the heroes or villains’ inner world in the proper way, not just the gripping adventures and events. There’s a basic rule in writing I try to follow after I wrote my first Tale Of The Rock Pieces, to write a really good manuscript a writer must become a part of the story, as the story must become a part of a writer too. Then, a book would become a part of reality and could fulfill its most important purpose, to inspire readers, help them overcome different situations or improve their health, mentality, etc, more than entertain and relieve from our daily cares and mishaps…

I know there probably are as many opinions for this topic as there are writers, but I hope every writer would agree with me at least to some extent?


some jokes for the weekend ;)…

September 29, 2012

In the middle of a class the teacher told the young John to stand up.
“But I didn’t do anything wrong!” the boy was surprised.
“I know,” said the teacher. “I just can’t stand to see the face of Steve behind you…”


 “Why you came so late last night?” the father asks his teenage daughter.

“I was attending lectures at the university…”

“Until 2 o’clock in the night???”

“Well, the professor was stuttering…”


  A farmer caught some thieves in his fields to steal turnips: “Now I caught you stealing, let’s see what the police will do…”

“No way! we don’t steal anything, we just help you by pulling the turnips to grow faster…”

Evolution could be really interesting sometimes… So, in the future werewolves wouldn’t change their appearances but only their serious frame of minds, attitude, wise thoughts… And they wouldn’t be able to infect anyone by a bloody bite, but by a good licking, a kiss, or making you laugh at their jokes… my future Incredible Future.

Have a great weekend, everyone :)!


some jokes for middle of September :)

September 18, 2012

The photo was sent from a good friend of mine, so I don’t know the photographer and the jokes are not all mine as usual :).

In a chatting room: “How tall are you?”

“145 cm…”

“You are a little princess! And how much you weight?”

“Even less than that! 120 kg only…”


A colonel had to send a couple of soldiers to a dangerous mission, so he gathered all of them and asked:

” I need a few of you but to which I didn’t lend money…”


Such a conversation we could hear only in an ideal family:

“Dear, go to have some beers with your friends.”

“I can’t honey. I haven’t finished cleaning with the vacuum cleaner…”


A mother said to her child: Soon we’ll have another kid! What would you like it to be – a brother or a sister?”

“Well, mom, if it won’t affect your figure too much I’d like a pony…”


What would one expect from a world where one of the most delicious (chocolate) things looks the same way as one of the most disgusting (s…t)… my future Incredible Future :).

Have a great week, everyone! 🙂 🙂,,,,,,,,, ,,



some jokes before my vacation :)

August 6, 2012

Hope everyone impatiently await their vacation for this year? If you didn’t have one yet? I for one would be very glad to swim in the Black Sea this year for 10 days, hope to meet some friends there, though the few I wanted to see won’t be able to come it seems… Yet, if you plan to be in Burgas, Bulgaria, let me know, we could have a great time together! And could finish my next The Opposite Of Magic together too? I need some help/info about some chapters… Like some for surfing with the amazing boards on the big waves in the sea/ocean… Nevertheless, I hope the jokes I chose could be a good start for the week:

A priest at an Irish wedding said to the present: “And now let’s all of you stand by the person who makes your life complete…” So, the local bartender was nearly suffocated…

After waiting 3 days and nights for a letter from his beloved, the prince charming finally got one via pigeon. But when he opened it, there was written: “We grind swords and knives! Low prices!”

And a thought from my stories: If you want to know the bad sides of someone, a friend or not, then you should ask his enemies… my future Incredible Future.,,,,,,