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Good and bad sides of torrent sites…

January 18, 2013


I am pretty sure all the directors, screen-writers, actors, common writers, etc hate all those sites in the World Wide Web where one could find and download for freee (in other words steal) a lot of their works. There are a lot of such sites, available mostly in the countries with a lower standard of life, and the entertainment industry loses billions of dollars every year because of the shrewd movie, music, books’, etc thieves. I can’t remember the exact numbers, yet it’s not a secret they are enormous…

Of course, it’s well-known using such sites is equal to the same vile acts like stealing of goods In a supermarket, a shop for electronics, or in a book-store and kiosk for newspapers and magazines. Yet, as a famous Bulgarian proverb goes, every evil leads to something good. As strange as it may sound, torrent sites could help the film and publishing industries to sell better their products (and to produce better movies, books, etc.)

There are enormous quantities of motion pictures and written works that appear every year on the market and usually a short trailer is not enough for potential customers and fans to see whether a movie is worth watching or later on buying on DVD. Yet, if we use a torrent site and watch a copy to see all the qualities of a product of the entertainment industry (good dialogues, wise thoughts and quotes, incredible sights and special effects, etc), the chances for that movie (with a good quality, on an original DVD, blue-ray, etc) to become a significant part in our collection increase drastically. Before someone would say such thoughts are a sign of an insane mind, just remember that usually the motion pictures we could download from a torrent site are not good quality, compared to the copy we could buy on DVD. That’s why if a movie is really worth watching, i. e. contains a really good and intriguing plot, true and actual wisdom for any period of our history, sights we could see only in a good motion picture, or exchange of funny words and such conversations that we could remember them till the end of our days (or even after that too), etc, then everyone will be tempted to buy it the proper way and really enjoy all the qualities we could see there.

That’s why I guess torrent sites could be a good way to remind all the directors, screen-writers, actors and actresses how essential it is to create really good final products. To use sites for free downloading of movies, books, music, etc is still a theft, it is the only truth (and no one should deny they are right to ban them in many countries). Yet, it doesn’t mean such sites couldn’t help in many cases for the creation of masterpieces in the entertainment industry.

BTW, this post of mine is not concocted just like that in my spare time, it is based on personal experience. After stealing some movies from such “useful” sites, I bought a lot of them: Medicine Man, some versions of The Lord Of The Rings, even before Peter Jackson’s trilogy saw the light of day, Schindler’s List, some Star Trek episodes, Terminator 2, Chaplin, Star Gate, Kung Fu Panda, How To Train Your Dragon, Decisive Time (Време Разделно), one of the best Bulgarian movies, etc.,,,,,,,,,