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The Hobbit 2, The Desolation Of Smaug – a good reason to get a 3D TV…

December 20, 2013
“Welcome to the world of your childhood dreams!” This should be the greeting the agents/ushers in the movie saloons should say to all who go to see the 2nd part of one of the most famous fairy-tales…  And this greeting won’t be exaggerated as the movie is so magnificently well-made that one feels like a part of the fairy-tale itself…


Despite all the incredible, though extremely dangerous, adventures of the thirteen dwarves, the wise wizard and the young hobbit, the amazing special effects and the great costumes, the next part of the faity-tale would probably disappoint some of Tolkien’s fans when they find out it has little in common with the book. Yet, I guess when they see the amazing way the director and the other creators of the movie revived the story, they all would be in awe of all the dangers, well-developed dialogues, the incredible creatures, etc…


Contrary to the book, the new part of The Hobbit is not for kids again, even more than the 1st An Unexpected Journey. It’s much darker and more serious than the fairy-tale written on paper, with some new characters that were not present in the book, with a lot of new scenes and events, which were just mentioned but not described in J. R. Tolkien masterpiece (like the meeting with Sauron’s spirit and his subordinates, the events that lead to Thorin’s nickname, etc). A lot of the well-known adventures are developed to such an extent that at moments one feels that it’s a totally new story. But all that is so well-combined with the rest of the movie it makes it worthy of more admiration.


The new characters (not mentioned in the book) are so well created that they all become an essential part of all the dangerous and incredible adventures. I bet even the author would like the excellent fighter, the she-elf Tauriel (the great-looking Evangelyn Lily, a star from Lost) and her impossible love with the dwarf Kily, the dreadful white orc Azog and his incredible strength and ability to endure the constant pain of the prosthesis stuck in his cut arm, etc… Not to mention the many battle scenes that are so well-created they are almost impossible to achive in real life.


When all these details are combined with the 3 D motion picture, the experience in the movie salons becomes a dream come true… After all those complains about 3 D effects that tire our eyes, I would say The Hobbit would be a good reason to buy a 3 D TV set. Watching such movies at home could be accompanied with some rests from time to time and we could enjoy all the magnificence of the genre without being afraid about our eyesight so much?


Finally, I would like to point out that both the parts of The Hobbit’s movies are not for kids. There are too many and too vicious battle scenes and merciless killings, so I guess a lot of the younger fans would have sleep trouble after 2,30 – 2,40 hours spent at the movie salon…   





The Hobbit, A Movie About There And Back Again… And Happy New Year!

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year, everyone! Wish you all the best! 🙂

The Hobbit

No matter how good or bad a movie is, there will always be some guys who will praise it everywhere and in front of everyone, while some others wouldn’t be able to bear the sight of any frame from it and would anathemize it all over the world. That was why I wasn’t surprised there were negative reviews about The Hobbit, but was frustrated they were so many and so exaggerated.

Of course, the book is better, usually no movie could surpass the written story it’s based on. Yet, why there are complains about the duration of the motion picture? After all, that way a director, screen-writer and a crew could include much more events, wisdom, or adventures from the story? Many critics thought all the movie could be just two hours long (and not three parts of almost three hours each), but I guess then it would describe only a few of all the breath-taking dialogues, battles and creatures. Even now, it seems not all the adventures are included in the proper way (all the funny and interesting conversations and mishaps at the party with the dwarves and Gandalf or at Bilbo’s first meeting with the wizard were just touched upon, imagine what would they and some other adventures would look like if the movie was just one of about two hours…).

BTW, be careful which kids you would take to see this fantasy trilogy, all the nasty, scary and deadly creatures are so realistic (especially when we watch them in 3D and with 46 frames per sec.) that many of them would have nightmares after that for many nights, I guess…  Yet, all the kids and all the adults will be in awe with the costumes! As they are so perfect, as if they came out straight from the written story or are fruit of the wildest imagination… I guess all the three parts of the trilogy will have Oscars in that category…,,,,,,,,,