jokes for the beginning of the week…:)

ImageA masked gang entered into a bank, ordered everyone to stand in the middle in a circle, took all the money, but finally the mask of one of them fell.

“Did anyone saw my face?” asked the gangster.

“Yes,” said one of the employees. “I know who you are…” So, the gangster shot him immediately…

“Anyone else who saw me?” asked the gangster again.

“My mother-in-law…” answered one of the employees right away…

A couple went to have a picnic, but the man was frustrated: “I took all the food, the tent, the blankets, but I forgot the brandy…”

“Damn it!” said the mosquitoes. “This guy ruined our party…”

A couple of minutes after a waiter took the order of his clients, he ran to them and asked them: “Please, eat your fish quickly! The health inspector is coming this way…”

Contrary to the common opinion, most of the times heaven is a moment, not a place on Earth… from my future The Origin Of Gods.,,,,,,,,


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