The best way to bring up children.

“Eat your vegetables!”, “Be very careful when you get across the streets!”, “Chew well!”, “Do your homework!”, “Come back at home before 10 p. m.!”, “Don’t watch restricted movies!”, “Don’t bring any animals at home!”, etc… Everyone have heard these or similar restrictions and orders from our parents, and of course everyone of us hated such rules as nothing else in the world. Although, when kids grow up they see the good in most of these restrictions, yet there are many others that usually make no sense and could leave a deep scar even in a grown-up youngster’s soul…

I guess there is an unwritten rule that few parents would admit some of their methods for upbringing could cause much more harm than good. Of course, there are so many examples which prove the opposite that probably every grown-up kid could name one or two. I’m sure some of these examples could even break the hearts of the toughest guys, fortunately I’ve just heard and read about them (I’ll never forget an article in a newspaper about a kid in China as far as I remember, whose parents kept him locked in a cage in the basement so that he could cause no trouble and would learn all about discipline, etc). Yet, though not so disturbing, those of some parents’ methods that affect mostly the soul could be really harmful too. This is not just my opinion apparently, a friend of mine will never forget how badly his grandmother treated him from time to time (she had thrown away his entire collection of cigarette boxes, though he didn’t like cigarettes themselves and even now, when he’s a grown up, he doesn’t smoke and never stopped to hate these small men killers). Many of my other friends and acquaintances (including me) will always remember their moms and dads’ bad attitude towards their pets (I still miss my hamster whose fate was almost the same as that of my friend’s cigarette boxes’ collection and I will always feel sorry that I wasn’t allowed to have anything like a cat or dog in the flat). Many grown up kids also think to listen to their parents’ constant mocking remarks about their kids’ hobbies, likes and dislikes could be even worse (I still feel bad remembering my mom and dad’s opinion about my favourite fantasy and sci-fi movies and books, a lot of my friends share the same thoughts about their parents’ attitude too)…

Children are not guilty for their parents’ mistakes, but it’s not an obstacle for them to repeat the same mistakes as grown-ups. I guess this quote from Star Gate should be remembered well by all moms and dads. As well as the thought the wrong attitude towards their kids could even cause enough troubles for their future jobs and carriers (just for example, if my parents were more kindly disposed to my passion for fantasy, sci-fi and all sorts of animals and plants, I would start writing much earlier and would probably find a really good job on time). Many grown up kids could share much worse examples, I guess?

Dear parents, don’t forget kids are one of the best ways for us to evolve in better persons and, for the present, our only way for immortality. Children could be very different from their moms and dads, but in many cases this could be the most wonderful thing (whose parents wouldn’t be proud of their heirs if they become the best in exactly in these areas, activities and jobs the people who raised them didn’t like and tried to forbid?).,,,,,



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