some jokes for the weekend ;)…

In the middle of a class the teacher told the young John to stand up.
“But I didn’t do anything wrong!” the boy was surprised.
“I know,” said the teacher. “I just can’t stand to see the face of Steve behind you…”


 “Why you came so late last night?” the father asks his teenage daughter.

“I was attending lectures at the university…”

“Until 2 o’clock in the night???”

“Well, the professor was stuttering…”


  A farmer caught some thieves in his fields to steal turnips: “Now I caught you stealing, let’s see what the police will do…”

“No way! we don’t steal anything, we just help you by pulling the turnips to grow faster…”

Evolution could be really interesting sometimes… So, in the future werewolves wouldn’t change their appearances but only their serious frame of minds, attitude, wise thoughts… And they wouldn’t be able to infect anyone by a bloody bite, but by a good licking, a kiss, or making you laugh at their jokes… my future Incredible Future.

Have a great weekend, everyone :)!



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