some jokes for middle of September :)

The photo was sent from a good friend of mine, so I don’t know the photographer and the jokes are not all mine as usual :).

In a chatting room: “How tall are you?”

“145 cm…”

“You are a little princess! And how much you weight?”

“Even less than that! 120 kg only…”


A colonel had to send a couple of soldiers to a dangerous mission, so he gathered all of them and asked:

” I need a few of you but to which I didn’t lend money…”


Such a conversation we could hear only in an ideal family:

“Dear, go to have some beers with your friends.”

“I can’t honey. I haven’t finished cleaning with the vacuum cleaner…”


A mother said to her child: Soon we’ll have another kid! What would you like it to be – a brother or a sister?”

“Well, mom, if it won’t affect your figure too much I’d like a pony…”


What would one expect from a world where one of the most delicious (chocolate) things looks the same way as one of the most disgusting (s…t)… my future Incredible Future :).

Have a great week, everyone! 🙂 🙂,,,,,,,,, ,,




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