The future of the movies based on books.

Have you ever been frustrated by the way most of the good books are interpreted in the movies based on them? All of my friends all over the world share my opinion that most of the times they have little in common with the written stories. The reason for that is not only one usually (not good interpretation of the director, bad screenplay, poor cast, acting that’s not satisfactory enough, etc). However, I guess one of the most important problems is that movies are too short, compared to the books’ 200-300 pages. It seems it’s too hard to include all the important moments, wisdom, events, or even jokes in the usual 2 hours in a movie hall or TV broadcast.

Many fans would say no movie should be longer than 120 minutes, the modern busy and tense life wouldn’t allow us too much free time for entertainment and fun. Yet, I guess where there’s a will, there’s a way. According to my humble opinion, the time we watch a movie should be as long as the time we read the book on which it is based on. I’m not a computer/software geek, but the fast development of computers and programs is a certain sign in the future it could be possible to watch an eight hour story while we sleep for example. Probably this will be the best way to include everything from a written story in its version of moving pictures? Then, we could see and experience every event and adventure, hear every word, feel every emotion of the characters, miss nothing of the wisdom, quotes, funny jokes, serious anecdotes, etc from a book. Actually, I guess this will be a perfect way to read and watch the story at the same time?

Ideas like that are not new, of course. We could read about them in some works of some famous sci-fi authors too (Diamond Era , Les pieds dans la tete). Though I haven’t met exactly the same idea yet, it seems I am not the only one who appreciates new, better ways for entertainment?

Of course, I don’t claim this should be the only solution for not only complete fun with a movie, but for a perfect combination with its written version? There are some other good ideas I came across: like the opportunity to become one of the heroes in the digitized/dream story, or one of the bad guys just to explore how the plot will change for better, if there are less or no killings, thefts, cheatings, etc?,,,,,,!/ivanstoikov.allanbard, http://,



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