some middle of the week’s jokes, and some not too appropriate for kids…;)

Two five year old boys are standing at the toilet to piss. One says your thing doesn’t have any skin on it. I’ve been circumcised the other replied. whats that mean ? It means they cut the skin off the end. how old were you when it was cut off. my mom says i was two days old. did it hurt the kid asked . you bet it hurt i didn’t walk for a year…
A priest, a rabbi and a Muslim are talking about the power their Gods have:
“Yesterday some colleagues and me were walking in the forest when suddenly a heavy rain fell down…” said the priest. “It was so awful that we could drown… Yet, we prayed to Jesus and He did a great miracle – on the left there was a heavy rain, on the right too, and in the middle the sun appeared and came home safe and sound!”
“That’s nothing!” the Muslim replied. “A week ago we were walking in the desert when an awful sand storm caught us… Then, we prayed to Allah and an amazing miracle happened! On the left the storm was raging, on the right too, but in the middle the weather was cloudless and sunny and could get home happy as larks!”
“Yet, what happened to me is much more profound!” said the rabbi. “A couple of days ago, on Sunday my colleagues and me found a purse full of money on the street… But we couldn’t even touch it on this day, so we prayed to God, and a miracle happened! On the left it was Sunday, on the right too, and in the middle – Thursday!!!”
“Oh, my God! I have twins!” a father in the hospital is in awe. “No, sir, it’s one baby…” says the nurse. “And next time don’t drink before you come in the hospital…”

What’s the difference between the good and bad student? The good student studies a lot, but the time is short so he/she knows well 28 out of 30 themes… Then, he/she draws the 2 themes he/she doesn’t know and becomes mad he/she didn’t study more… The bad student studies little, and knows only 3 of his/hers 30 themes. Then, he/she draws 2 of these he/she knows and becomes mad he/she studied for the 3rd… the last is actually from my next Kids’ Funny Business ;).,,,,,,!/ivanstoikov.allanbard, http://,


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