happy April’s Fool Day! :):):)

Do you know some of the favourite characters from Russian fairy-tales:
Grandmother Yaga – a famous witch, likes to kidnap and eat small kids.
Kastchei The Immortal, immortal being something like a vampire.
Leshii, something like a zombie, and the 3 headed dragon…
Grandma Yaga brewed a good vodka and called the 3 headed dragon: “Hey, 3 headed, I made a great vodka, so come over to drink it!”
“No, Grandma Yaga, we with Kastchei The Immortal drank a lot yesterday and all my heads hurt…”
Then, the old lady called Kastchei: “Come quickly, I made a great vodka!”
“No, Grandma Yaga, we with the 3 headed dragon drunk so much yesterday that now I wish I wasn’t immortal…”
Finally, she called Leshii and he was in awe with the idea. So, Grandma Yaga when out of her house to wait for her guest. Soon he appeared running, but he fell down at every 5 steps, then got up and after 5 steps fell down again and so on…
“Why you fall down every 5 steps?” the old lady asked him.
“Well, when I remember what a good vodka you made, I run to drink it as soon as possible…” replied Leshii. “But when I remember that after that you’ll want to have sex with me, I loose consciousness…” šŸ™‚

An advertisement in a newspaper: I’m looking to marry an intelligent, carrying man, non-smoker, who doesn’t drink, loves kids… Well, there’s a 100% discount for billionaires…

A small boy asked his grandpa: Could you give me 1000 $ from your pension? I’ll give it back from mine… ;).

Have a great April’s Fool Day, everyone! Don’t let be fooled too easy…;)
The best way to find/know a mermaid (even an ex-one) is to see whether her hair gets wet… That’s the most certain evidence! my Tale Of The Rock Pieces.

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