Godlike/heavenly moments, or when we feel touched by God…


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Well, I use “godlike” like a figure of speech here, “heavenly” would do the job too as a good definition. Though most of the times they have nothing to do with heaven or God, I guess. (I don’t believe in God/s, actually, yet it doesn’t mean he/she/they don’t exist, or he/they are not connected with such moments).

When discussing such moments, there are two quotes that immediately spring up in my mind: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take; but by the
moments that take our breath”… and: “To be dead doesn’t mean to lie breathless 6 feet under the ground… It’s rather to go to the same boring work everyday from 8,30 a.m. till 5 p.m., do the same stupid things over and over again, fulfill the expectations of all the other boring/dull people, or feel that any change will bring destructions and chaos… my future Space Ghosts or Space Hide and Seek ;).

Such godlike moments are certain prove of the truth in such statements. I’m sure everyone will agree (no matter whether we believe in God/s or not), we all had such moments and they are the ones that add meaning to our life, help us improve our attitude towards anything and anyone, they could make us better persons, change our way of living, etc. Such godlike moments could be too various, of course: from capturing an amazing moment in a photo, to winning a lot of money by a lottery, even dreaming of performing an incredible deed, or finding the true love, etc. Actually, these moments don’t have to be connected with money to be godlike. According to my opinion, and experience ;), the best among them are of the kind that don’t involve any of the so valuable papers. Like some of those I had in the past, making some good photos: the love dance of two frogs, the shining eyes of a cat in the middle of the night, some amazing winter, snowy sceneries high in the mountains with a lot of snow, fog, some light and bushes, or some funny moments with some other animals (sleeping cats, playing kittens, eating dogs), etc.

I attached these photos, yet they are no match for some other events, like when I found a small fossil of a shell of an ancient clam… And felt so exited, that later this find helped me write my first book Tale Of The Rock Pieces and create my incredible ancient characters – the rock pieces. Or when, as a kid, I saw a wonderful girl with so amazing light-auburn hair that I decided she was probably an heiress of mermaids and her hair couldn’t get wet, no matter how long she stayed in water… This meeting was the reason to imagine some new features of mermaids and add them in some of my stories too… and fell in love with that girl, though it was just a short meeting from a distance and I never saw her again.

BTW, the heavenly moments that include more imagination than reality sometimes could be better than the so called real. One of the most vivid memories from my childhood will always be a dream in which I defeated a Fiery man (an ancient monster made entirely of flames) just using a sword. Many would say it was nothing more than a childish nonsense. Yet, my dream turned out to be a good way to find the inner strength in me to deal with real problems… Like maintaining a good spirit and willing to reach to the end in my favor, defending my rights, trying to stop dishonest treatment, or a lie, unfair decision, etc… This dream really helped me, if not 100 % of the events at least enough…

Finally, I don’t claim that I have/had the most full of wisdom or interesting life. I guess there are many people who could surpass any part of my experience. But I guess even those of them whose deeds, glory and fame provoke storms of applause everywhere would agree with me about the great importance of heavenly moments?

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