jokes/anecdotes to make your Friday/weekend, some not appropriate for kids…;)

Some funny jokes/anecdotes I found and I guess could make anyone’s Friday/weekend ;):
Answers of a Brilliant student who obtained 0% Q. In which battle did Napoleon die? A. His last battle. Q. Where was the Declaration of Independence Signed? A. At the Bottom of the Page. Q. River Ganges flows in which state? A. Liquid. Q. What’s the main reason for Divorce? A. Marriage. Q. What’s the main reason for Failure? A. Examinations… Did the student Answer Anything Wrong?

In a sex shop: I want a sex-doll… White or black? White. Fat or slim? Slim. Tall or short? Tall. Christian or Muslim? What’s the difference…? Well, the Muslim explodes at the end…;)

2 hookers are waiting in the street for customers, and 2 cats are making love on the roof above them. Suddenly, as the cats didn’t pay attention to anything else, they fell down. And a gypsy boy who played on the other side of the street shouted out: Hey, ladies, your advertisment is gone… 😉

If you don’t turn the light on during a date, you could save not only electricity but cosmetics too…,,,,,,, – pigeons,!/ivanstoikov.allanbard, http://,


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