some funny jokes/anecdotes to make one’s day ;) , no too appropriate for children, though

They say that laughter is the best medicine and I support such an opinion 100 %, as in the past I’ve experienced what it means to be saved by books and the good mood inspired by them… That was why I decided to post some anecdotes/jokes from time to time, which I guess many people could appreciate? I guess many of my friends will be glad to read them here, actually many of them encouraged me to do that regularly, that way more people could enjoy them and will deal better with every day stress, mishaps, etc. Not all of them are mine, and some of them are not too appropriate for children, so I’ll mention this in the beggining and in the title…
3 surgeons were talking to one another: “They brought me a miner cut in 3 pieces, said the American. I did my job well and now he’s working again.”
“Well, they brought me a driver cut in 5 pieces, said the Russian. i did my job and now he’s driving again.”
“And they brought me an ass and a pair of ears, said the Bulgarian. I did my job very well and now he’s the chief of our hospital… ;)”

A young man and a lady were travelling with a train in the night, the youngster wanted to make sex with the lady but was too shy to ask her. But when they went to their beds, he tied a long thread on his penis, dropped it from his bed to the bed of the lady and on the other end he had tied a note: ‘Unknown beauty, I like you very much, if you want to make love pull the thread once, if not, pull it 40 times, and let the last 10 times be very fast…’ ;).,,,,,


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