The funniest/craziest/most amazing/incredible, etc Christmas/New Year’s Eve’s events.

As far as I know, in most countries Christmas is more important feast than New Year’s Eve. Yet, I couldn’t refrain from pointing out New Year’s celebration too, as in the past Christmas was forbidden in all ex-communist countries, so many people, including me, have good memories only from the next feast after Jesus’ birthday.

Well, it doesn’t mean we didn’t have wonderful Christmas trees and nice presents, only that they were decorated and given at New Year’s Eve. And of course, we had some good, crazy, funny moments despite the many taboos of the system (though I guess they were less by a feast, as we didn’t have presents for Christmas). Like the vague now memory how as a five-six year old kid I usually broke all the Christmas toys/decorations on our tree just for five minutes (back then, here they were made of a very fragile kind of glass ;). My parents had to keep an eye on me all the time until the feast was over. I didn’t mean to be a bad boy, actually, I was just curious to play with the toys/decorations and have a better look at them ;). Or that I was convinced that it would be much better if not Santa Claus but a dragon with three heads would be the best choice for the job presents giving. And I even tried to convince the other kids that I saw her a couple of times (I thought a girl dragon would be better in this job ;).

I’ll never forget also what tremendous preparations we made with a friend of mine to use our first piece of fireworks (of the kind that beside the loud bang and colorful sparkles threw out many confetti). We tied it on a long wooden stick, to be away from the “dangerous” fire of the sparkles, and wound a couple of thick blouses around our heads, so that to be better protected from the loud bang…

This Christmas a colleague of mine told us that her five year old daughter decided to drink a lot of water the day before Christmas, so she would wake up at least a few times at night to go to the toilet, but that way she would meet Santa Claus exactly when he “delivered” the presents… J

I’m sure anyone could share similar experiences? Whenever and wherever kids are involved, there are always laughter, joy and funny events J! Events that could be more crazy and funny than any imaginary adventures in books or movies?,,,,,,, – pigeons,!/ivanstoikov.allanbard



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