the best job ever…

illustration from my Tale Of The Rock PiecesMany of my friends, acquaintances, relatives etc. complain what they do for living is boring, dull and is “kïlling” them bit by bit. All of them explain they are forced to do that for the sake of the good salary or some other benefits (beautiful colleagues, long vacations, many bonuses on different occasions, etc.). When I explain what it means to be a writer, they usually don’t believe their ears… It seems it’s hard for anyone who has never written a book, short story, or even an article, to realize the amazing experience one could have creating some great adventures, breath-taking plots,
or the glorious wisdom of wise thoughts, the thoughts that made nations or many people set deep in thought. It seems it’s hard for most people too to realize writing of books is connected to every job, activity, hobby one could think of or imagine. It depends on the book a writer writes of course, but actually even a “stupid” love story could include interesting facts, useful tips, or breath-taking adventures, or amazing writing skills, which make the story incredible. All these could make any writer’s life a real adventure, without anything like dull time, unhappy thoughts, and attempts to suicide oneself because of meaningless existence…
These are not just my thoughts and experience I remember a saying of an ancient wiseman (Chinese I guess, can’t remember his name): Find a job you like and you’ll never work again in your life. I don’t know whether he was a writer in the meaning we use today, but this is quite an acceptable explanation. I remember another thought, which some other writers used , including me in my next book The Opposite Of Magic, and which shows the incredible job, experience, or way of life writing of books could be: Oftentimes, the fictional stories are more true than the real…
There are many other “benefits” about writing. Writing a story, any writer could become a real expert in many fields. To describe something well enough, one has to “experience” it, to know perfectly well every detail about it. Many writers usually prepare for the writing of a book a few months or even years, collecting information, learning a lot of new things, creating amazing new worlds, or “making” new friends (actually, the best friends one could have are amongst the fictional characters in the books, as they could be whatever the writer wants ;)… I can still “talk” with some of my characters from my Tale Of The Rock Pieces or The Opposite Of Magic for example, and “ask” them about their opinions about things from my next books…;) So, a writer would never be bored writing a good story.
Of course, usually writing is considered “thankless” work. After spending some years collecting information and writing a good story, there’s no guarantee that the book will be a bestseller… As far as I know only about ten percent of the published books are “well-rewarded”. However, it doesn’t mean that the other benefits disappear because of this statistic…
I guess I’m not the only one with the same frame of mind and thoughts? Your opinions, please?,,,,,, http://www.facebook.comivanstoikov.allanbard


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